Taken at Velachery.


Wear Helmet

The signboard says ‘Wear Helmet’, but many motorists don’t wear a helmet. In this particular picture, the pillion rider is carrying the helmet on his hands instead of wearing it on the head.


McDonalds at Velachery. Opened recently.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan at Velachery

Besant Nagar Beach

Schmidt memorial on the Besant Nagar beach (also known as Elliots beach).

Wikipedia Takes Chennai

There is this “Wikipedia Takes Chennai” photography event on Sunday, Aug 16th as part of the Madras Day celebrations.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WTCI.

Wikipedia Takes Chennai is a a scavenger hunt and free content photography in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India in association with The Knowledge Foundation, Chennai. This is inspired by “Wikipedia Takes The City” that happens all around the world. The aim of this exercise is to encourage participants to compete to take photographs of as many local sights as possible for Wikipedia articles. This is aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles, thereby nourishing Wikipedia and promote awareness about Wikipedia in the city.

And here is the poster for the event.


Advertisement of Zoho on an Auto Rickshaw in Chennai

Registration Number: BOSS

The Car’s registration number is actually 8055 but it is painted in such a way that it resembles BOSS. I got reminded of “SIVAJI – THE BOSS”

This is a new addition on the roads of chennai. This mobile stall provides “Instantly Chilled Fresh Tender Coconut Water without mixing ice”. They are priced at Rs 15/-.

I saw two such mobile stalls on the Taramani-Velachery road. One near the American school and one near TCS. I haven’t tasted it. But I wonder if this is really needed. Wouldn’t it spoil the natural taste of tender coconut?